Paris Jackson Eyes

Paris Jackson has beautiful, striking Pale Green Eyes. Like many other world famous beauties, Paris possess special eyes. The color of Paris's eyes - which often look blue, as well as green.

However, Paris Jackson's eyes are not blue like her mom's (Debbie), they are actually Pale Green - closer to her grand dad, Joe Jackson's eyes. These special eyes are said to be lucky. Its is also reported that Paris Jackson's blue eyes are due to an unnamed eye condition, which could possibly be Waardenburg syndrome.

The eyes of Paris reminds me of her father's two best trusty friends, Elizabeth Taylor and Brooke Shields. Both Taylor and Shields are famous for their extra ordinary eyes and especially the violet eyes of Taylor with double eye lashes.

I think the special eyes of Paris helps her as an Actress and if she willing a model too. Since their is a rumor that Janet Jackson her aunt doesn't like her acting career (Janet thinks she is only 14 and going to be a star brings her problem, may be she looks into her happiness and a normal life) we fans may wait until she turns 18, and of course only if she wanted ;)
 Brooke Shields started her career as a model just few days after birth. At the memorial of King of Pop, Shields revealed Michael Jackson once proposed her.

As a Paris Jackson fan,
"Paris Jackson the next Elizabeth Taylor"

"Paris Jackson the next Brooke Shields"  ;)

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