Paris Jackson quotes Michael forgiving the press

“i’m willing to forgive the press , or forgive anybody , i was taught to love and forgive , which I do have in my heart” —michael jackson

Paris quoted her father on twitter because of the recent "family-estate-press issues". So much dramatic stories heard about the Jackson family recently and Paris twitted about them.

Michael Jackson's sibling expressed their doubt about the will of Michael to the estate. They accuse the estate that the will is not Michael's and the day it was signed MJ was at NY instead of LA as the will says. Unfortunately this family estate problem went public when a letter from MJ's siblings to the estate gone to press. Later the "Katherine Jackson Kidnapped" news and the twits of Paris messed up the family problem.

The media says Janet Jackson scolded Paris for twitting family problems. And now TJ Jackson son of Tito Jackson got co-guardianship of Michael's children with Katherine Jackson. I think finally the family problems solved and Paris, Prince and Blanket are happy.
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