Paris twitted Vote Bieber

Paris Jackson asked her twitter followers to vote Justin Bieber for MTV awards against One Direction.

" ay im voting for justin.. idc there's no way MTV isn't rigging it for 1D.."

but she made clear later:

"OHMYGOD guys i like one direction jeez just because i didn't vote for them doesn't mean i hate them wtf tho "

and again twitted:


 then again made clear:

"i really do respect the directioner's loyalty to 1D & also the belieber's loyalty to justin… but is it really worth fightin over!? lmao jeez "

and the DARK LORD quit this scandal by another simple twit:

"omfg im done with this "

I think these kind of small scandal helps our Princess Paris to deal with public and media. Now she is childish, she shout out what she thinks in public via social networking, this kind of things make her think before such "shout outs". It makes her think before dealing with public.
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