Becoming a humanitarian like her father

Paris Jackson becoming a humanitarian like her father. Yep! its in her gene.  Today she twitted
about changing the world: 

"we could wait on the world to change or we could actually do something about it ."

Paris quoted about the present generation and how they are forgetting their responsibility and duty to protect humanity and nature. 

"y'know i would say that our generation could help save the world , but i'd be lying because they're too busy partying smoking & drinking -.- "

Recently she gave an interview to Glamour Magazine,

She made clear that she needs to be know by her own image instead of "MJ's daughter tittle".

Paris said that lots of people think, all is happening around her (she is starring a film) because of the tittle "MJ's daughter". But actually she got talent and she determined to show the world that she got talent. Paris want to be know as her own tittle.

This is a motivating decision to all teenagers. What she said is absolutely fair. But some "Tabloid Junkies" made their own explanations to Paris's quote. 

Paris Jackson News:

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