Paris Jackson supports Obama

Today, Paris twitted that she is not interested in politics but she cares about her country and she likes Obama to become president again. She also said she will move to Africa if the opposition win. Of course that is a joke. Recently her twit supporting Justin Beiber became a little conspiracy. Click her to read about it. May be that is why she added (actually made clear what she meant) that its just her opinion. 

Paris Jackson twitted the following:

"k i hate politics , but at least i care about this country… if Obama wasn't president , America would be flushed down the toilet "

"obama's only fixing what bush did to our country… it's going to take longer than 4 years , people don't realize that… "

"if romney wins i'm moving to africa "

"spoke my mind , said my opinions.. don't reeeallyy care if you disagree with me… "

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