Lundon's Bridge Paris Jackson's Movie

Poster of Lundon's Bridge
Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys is a series of fantasy novel for both kids and adults by Dennis H. Christen. Paris Jackson plays the heroine roll Lundon O' Malley. The plot of the movie (novel) is the war between the land and the sea. Ancient sea-magic turns a dolphin into a human, an evil spell changes a teenage boy into a dragonfly and a once good and loving jellyfish queen becomes an evil fairy godmother. This modern day adventure forces an unsuspecting family to become the weapon to fight the war which rages on the land and under the sea.

Paralight Films is the film development and production company producing the feature film Lundon's Bridge and the Three keys. The film takes place on land and under the sea. The characters under the sea will be animated characters much like the animated characters in the films Avatar or Narnia. Meet the cast here.The photo shot for Paris Jackson was taken place.

Click here to see the photo shot of Lundon's Bridge.

The Jackson family wanted her to wait until she was 18 before launching any sort of career, but Paris was persuasive.  She told her grandmother, 81-year-old Katherine, that the film had a message close to her father's heart.

Paris Jackson interview in Glamour about her career

Dennis Christen, author of the book, is a film producer, an award-winning director, a writer and an actor. He has acted in over 640 episodic television shows, miniseries, movies of the week and feature films, which took him to 12 different countries. He wrote, starred in, and produced the award-winning feature film "Soldiers of Innocence." The film was nominated for two Grand Bell Awards and won the Best New Director.

50% of all proceeds from the film and book will go directly into schools across the country(USA). Along with the charity and the message of pollution the author claims that the book and movie got relation to Michael Jackson. To continue her father's legacy Paris agreed to star the movie.

Paris and Jay Christen rehearsing for Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys

Update: This movie is still in pre-production and Paris will not be staring in it, at-least not 100% confirmed.
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