Paris didn't chopped her hair

Paris posted a photo on twitter, which looks like imitating Miley Cyrus hair style. Because of Paris's earlier support to Miley Cyrus change in hair style the media published news that "Paris Jackson Chopped her Hair imitating Miley Cyrus".

According to Huffington Post,
Dennis Christen, producer of Paris's upcoming film, "Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys," adapted from his fantasy book series, told HuffPost through her rep that Paris merely tried on a wig.

Paris recently changed her hair style.
Why this media chasing Paris? She is a teenager, let her have fun, enjoy life with her friends.

Paris responded via twitter:
"that awkward moment when everyone is saying no to doing the right thing…… if i want to cut my hair and donate it i'd appreciate SOME support "

Paris once twitted supporting Miley:

"i don't know why people keep hating miley's new cut.. i love it !!shes being herself & shes being different & i love her for that."


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