Paris Bonding with her mother

The custody of Paris and her brother Prince was signed over to Michael Jackson by her mother Debbi Rowe when the couples divorced. After the death of King of Pop, Debbie approached the Jackson family and gained visiting rights from court. TMZ reported that Paris spent her 15th birthday with her mom. As long as Paris is happy it a good thing to get a relationship with her mother. But it is hundred percent sure that if Michael was alive this isn't gonna happen. His will stated that all the rights over his children goes to Katherine Jackson his mother.

TMZ reported again that:

Debbie Rowe and Paris Jackson went to the hospital together this past Sunday ... but the significance is more personal than medical.  

Sources connected with the once estranged mother/daughter tell TMZ ... they were "hanging out" at Debbie's ranch when one of Debbie's neighbors was thrown from a horse and injured.

Debbie and Paris took the neighbor to the hospital and waited there to make sure he was ok.

Our sources say the two have been hanging out "a lot recently" and they've gotten very close.



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