Reason for Paris Jackson suicide attempt

 Reason for Paris Jackson suicide attempt
   Nobody will suddenly decide to suicide for a single reason. May be crazy people will do that. But not Paris Jackson. She is a sensitive teenager, like all normal teenagers. Since her father's death she is grieving. Everyone can imagine how much pain she was into. And how she misses her most loving father. After his death things have been changed. A lot of, like she was introduced to public via twitter, were cast as the heroine in Lundon's Bridge, appeared in shows. These are all new to her. She kinda of enjoyed all. After all, fans and she believed she is having a normal life. But these are all 'poisoning' her young mind slowly:

1. Cyber bullying.
     “She was on Twitter nonstop, and a lot of what was coming back to her was very negative and critical,” said a family friend. “She was constantly being told she was ugly or funny looking, or told she came from a crazy family. She just couldn’t handle that and everything else going on in her life.”

2. Public Interaction
     Television appearances and  new school. Since the death of their father Paris and Prince went to school. They were home schooled before that. She got bullied there.

3. Wrongful-death lawsuit
     Paris attended the trail and was a witness for the wrongful-death lawsuit her grandmother filed against AEG over Michael Jackson’s 2009 overdose. More claims of child molestation and allegations that Michael Jackson paid off other victims of child molestation has discussed in this trail in front of her. You can imagine how much pain she is been through at that moment.

     Michael Jackson dedicated his entire life to entertain people all over the world and done lots of remarkable humanitarian efforts. His entire personal life was filled with pain. And now his only daughter is suffering because of the same people. THIS IS HOW THE SOCIETY REPAYING MJ FOR HIS WORK? Lots of celebrities and their children are facing this. They are people like us, the have emotions, they cry, STOP BULLYING THEM.

    After she checks out of hospital, Paris is set to enroll in the 10 million dollar Diamond Ranch Academy for troubled teens in Utah.
 Reference for this article is from here.


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