Dennis Christen wants Paris to be allowed to come home

Dennis H Christen, the author of Lundon's Bridge and The Three Keys posted on the official page of Lundon's bridge that he wants Ms. Paris Jackson to be allowed to come home.

The following is what he posted:
"Lot's of people have something to say about Paris and what has happened to her. I'm going to say now that I believe it is time for Paris to be allowed to come home. There are so very many people who have spoken about what is best for her. N...ow I want to add my voice to that mix and say I think she needs to be home with her brothers and her grandmother and back into the lead role of Lundon O'Malley in LUNDON'S BRIDGE AND THE THREE KEYS. We've never thought any other way. This is Dennis Christen and I want Paris to know that we are still here waiting for her."

After the suicide attempt Ms. Jackson was enrolled in Diamond Ranch Academy for troubled teenagers. The latest news is that she attempted suicide is because she missed Prince Jackson, her brother and felt lonely. But a more logical reason can be read here. Coming back to home and continuing to work in Lundon's Bridge with people like Mr. Dennis H Christen will keep her engaged and moulds Ms. Jackson to a great personality and a great star. Like King of Pop once quoted: "The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work."

Dennis H Christen authored a non-fiction book, "Rape? Not Me!!" in 1974, his first. He has subsequently written several screenplays for motion pictures and television as well as two novels, "Madam, the Grass Is High" published in 2001 and "Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys" (Second Edition) released in December of 2011. Both novels are being produced into ... See full bio » 


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