Lundon's Bridge using Paris Jackson?

Some people are complaining that the Lundon's Bridge Book and Movie is using Paris Jackson's name to promote it.
Here is the official reply from the official Facebook page of Lundon's Bridge and The Three Keys:

"A few of you are complaining that we are just 'using' Paris to promote our movie. Isn't that what a good producer is suppose to do? Isn't he or she suppose to find the most talented and the most well known actor to cast in the lead role of their movies? Did Steven Spielberg not 'use' Drew Barrymore to promote one of his earlier movies ET? What about James Cameron, didn't he 'use' the name and the ...likeness of Leonardo DiCaprio to promote Titanic? And what about the producers of TWILIGHT? Did they not 'use' the names and faces of their stars to promote their movie? Paris doesn't want to be left out of LUNDON'S BRIDGE AND THE THREE KEYS. She doesn't want to be forgotten just because she is taking some time to fix a few things in her life. We are busy as can be designing animated characters and casting around the world of other roles in the film to be ready for when she returns, and we do not intent to leave her out and just walk away from her and we hope you won't either! WE LOVE YOU PARIS!"

Well, is with Lundon's Bridge. First of all, the book is excellent, and it have the potential to become a great movie.

Paris Jackson is a name known, adored and loved by millions of MJ fans. Most of them heard about Lundon's Bridge after they casted Paris for the movie. Like all producers they are doing a good job by using Paris Jackson's name. More than that Paris always wanted her to be known by her own name. So she need this movie to show her talent. All movies will use the stars names in promotion. Its clear that Lundon's Bridge is not misusing the name of Paris. So I don't think there is no need of complaint.



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