Making changes to fit Paris Jackson in new movie

Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys is a series of fantasy novel for both kids and adults by Dennis H. Christen. Paris Jackson plays the heroine roll Lundon O' Malley.
After the suicide attempt Paris was enrolled in Diamond Ranch Academy for troubled teenagers. But TMZ reports that the treatment will take years. Also:

"As for Paris' treatment ... our sources say she's riddled with so many problems she's almost certainly spending several years at the facility ... where she is getting intensive counseling."
Meanwhile the official Facebook page of the movie Lundon's Bridge and the three keys posted:
"Okay everyone! Now that we've had all the drama over the last year or so, we are going to change the age of Lundon O'Malley in book #1 from 13 years-old to 16 years-old to better match Paris' present look. There are some members of her family that do not think she should do this movie, or any movie for that matter. We'd like to pass on your thoughts to her so she can see that most of you do, in fa...ct, want to see her in LUNDON'S BRIDGE AND THE THREE KEYS and all the other 4 additional stories that will follow. Show your support here as we now have a chance to let her, Mrs. Jackson and TJ know that we love her and have been waiting for her return. Staying busy could be just what the doctor ordered. Please let her know how you feel.

The author of the book, Dennis H Christen recently posted on this page that he wants Paris to be back from Diamond Ranch academy. Read more here


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