Paris Jackson is not pregnant

Recently a news in tabloid claimed that Paris Jackson is pregnant and engaged. Here is what reported :

"The 16-year-old was spotted on a dinner date with her boyfriend.
But fans were talking about the bulge under her loose top.
US gossip sites are now rife with rumours the King Of Pop’s only daughter is pregnant.
A source revealed: “I saw her at dinner and she twice made a toast drinking water instead of wine.
“That and the prominent stomach bulge got people talking.
“It’s highly unusual to toast with anything but a full glass of wine.”
Fans of the young-ster’s superstar dad were delighted to hear the whispers."

But yesterday Paris Jackson posted on her Instagram page:

"This is ridiculous, how can someone invent such a lie about a girl of only 16 years?? Stop inventing lies about the lives of famous, everyone has the right to privacy!!! I do not think anyone would believe this shit and fake news. Guys please, please DON'T BELIEVE in everything that the press says because most of these are FAKE!!! FUCK THE PRESS #fakenews #STOP #dontbelive"

This blog never reported anything that is not genuine, we support Paris Jackson and asking the fans not to promote such fake news. If Paris want the fans to know something she share it with us as always been, if not consider it her privacy. What ever the else in tabloids are to be thrown in junk.



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