Paris Jackson gets a restraining order against 'stalker'

BBC Reported that, Paris Jackson gets a restraining order against an alleged stalker.

Paris Jackson has been granted a restraining order against an alleged stalker.

Nicholas Lewis Stevens, arrived at a recording studio where Paris was working in June,  told Paris that he had visited the studio several times.

A judge granted a temporary restraining order against Mr Stevens until another hearing takes place on 24 July.

It's claimed that he once waited to see Paris at the recording studio for 15 hours.

Allegedly when the Paris's friend confronted the stalker and called police, Mr Stevens told Paris that "by midnight it will all be over" - before making reference to a shotgun. He also tweeted her saying that they were soul mates.

The temporary restraining order means that Mr Stevens is not allowed within 100 yards of Paris and must not contact her.

The following is Paris Jackson's Twitter cover photo, her sarcasm towards the stalker. 😎

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