Paris Jackson Harper’s Bazaar Controversy

Paris Jackson’s modeling career is blooming. but she is now criticized by many outlets when she appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore edition. she was criticized as bi-sexual, who belongs to the LGBT community, helped in promoting an organization in a country where - belonging to an LGBT community is a serious and punishable offense.
Gay star news immediately published an editorial content by stating that jackson’s decision for appearing on the cover for the magazine as “hypocritical.”

Paris immediately deleted her recent instagram post that showed the cover photo of the magazine and tweeted that – “i didn’t know, i am sorry.” she continued – “i was grateful for the opportunity, but i’ll delete the post now. i don’t want to be hypocritical or hurt anyone, and my support for my fellow LGBT community comes first before my love for fashion and gratitude for this opportunity.”
Thegayuk magazine based on lgbt publication defended the young jackson by saying the activist-actor-model not to delete her post as the magazine will act as an array of hope & courage to the countless people especially the people from lgbt community.
Last month, Paris Jackson, made the confirmation for her fans on the social media platform instagram that she’s bisexual.

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