Why Paris Jackson left Dior Show

Medias are reporting that Paris Jackson
"stormed" out of Dior's event, also stating because she saw animals being not treated well.

What can we expect from a daughter raised by a father who sand Earth Song and Heal the world?

She is continuing her fathers legacy, and she clearly stated why she did it on her instagram page:

“To be clear, I did not ‘storm out’ of the show. I quietly got up and walked out trying my hardest to not cause a scene, because I do not support animals being branded and whipped,” Paris wrote.

“Not trying to become enemies in the fashion world in any way, but I will always be myself,” she said.

She previously agreed to play the lead role in "Lundon's Bridge and The Three Keys" by Mr Dennis Christen because she loved the theme of the story. It is about pollution and its effects on Oceans. Click here to read.
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